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Already using Pulsonix? Here's how to update to Version 8.5

Easy steps to update your system to the latest version

From V8.0 or earlier with a maintenance contract

If you are using Version 8.0 or earlier and you have a current maintenance contract, click here to login and start downloading the new version straight away. You must contact your dealer to request an updated license before you can run V8.5.

You can use the link above even if you have purchased your product through one of our distributors, although they may also send you a link to download this version as well.

If you haven't already got a login account, you can request one now.

What if I don't have a maintenance contract?

You can still get the new version by coming back on maintenance. For information on how to do this click here

Notes for preparing to upgrade

As with any software package, it is wise to take a few minutes to back up your data files before performing a major upgrade.

Installation of your new Pulsonix version can be made over the top of your current product and should only take a few minutes. It won't disturb any of your own files and settings. The 'Master' library and other data files (Technologies etc) will be installed, but any file we didn't install in the first place will stay right where it is.