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Advanced Embedded Component Technology


Pulsonix Formally Welcomed to the Hermes Project

The Hermes consortium has officially welcomed Pulsonix as a Hermes consortium 'supporter' in recognition of the development work undertaken by Westdev Ltd in order to fully support the embedded component technology (ECT) project.

The Hermes Project Abstract

The HERMES project on “High density integration by embedding chips for reduced size modules and electronic systems” is aiming at further developing the concept of embedded thin chips into electronic boards, as a base for an integrated manufacturing of electronic circuits. Embedding a bare die into the printed circuit board allows a very dense interconnection, and it opens the gate for 3D integration. A single layer of embedded chips provides space for passives or other SMD components on top; multilevel embedding of components creates real 3D packages.


Pulsonix Product Development

Pulsonix has been developed to comprehensively support this new embedded component technology (ECT) using a wide range of high-technology features within the product itself. Features to support inner layer cavities for 'suspending' dies into, Micro-vias with entry/stop pads and stacked and tapered Micro-vias are some of the features introduced to Pulsonix. Although the Hermes project finished in 2011, the Pulsonix development team is committed to working with leading manufacturers so that this technology can be introduced as mainstream within the manufacturing environment, even after the project has completed.

Pulsonix ECT Evaluation

Following a very extensive evaluation period, Pulsonix has been credited with being fully operational with the new technology defined by the Hermes PCB CAD group. Bob Williams comments, "such is the dedication of our programmers and deep understanding of this leading-edge technology, we have been able to integrate the exciting new developments defined by the Hermes consortium into Pulsonix without disruption to our existing technologies". "We are delighted for Pulsonix to be accepted as a member of the Hermes Group and for our company to be working in partnership with this and individual companies within the group once the project has concluded".

Hermes Project Duration

The HERMES project is financially supported by the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) work programme, as part of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. The project was launched on 1st May 2008 for a duration of 36 months and is due to end in 2011.

View the Advanced Technology option and Embedded Components page for more information on the embedded component technology feature within Pulsonix.

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