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Design and Library Import Filters

Import filters for the most common EDA products

Pulsonix has the largest number of Import Filters of any EDA product in the market today. Listed below are the Import Filters currently available. If you cannot see the product or format you are interested in, please contact us to discuss your requirements, as there may be an Import Filter in development or we may have other ways of transferring your data.

Please also contact us for specific details on product models and versions supported if you are unsure about whether your particular data files are suitable for transfer.

You should also note that as almost all vendors use proprietary binary formats for their data files, most of our Import Filters require ASCII data to be exported from the 'host' system first, as documented in the Online Help within Pulsonix.

Vendor/Product Versions/Formats Supported  
Accel Accel Tango and Accel EDA products Designs and Libraries
Altium Altium DXP, Altium Designer Designs and Libraries
Allegro Cadence Allegro V16 PCB Designs (Footprint and Parts libraries
imported from designs)
Ariadne All information Designs and Libraries
BoardMaker BM 1 & 2 (not 3), Please call sales Designs and Libraries
DxDesigner DxDesigner Schematics SCM Designs and Libraries
Eagle Versions 4.09 to current Designs and Libraries
Easy-PC All Easy-PC for Windows Versions Projects, Designs and Libraries
EDIF 2.0.0 EDIF netlist format SCM Netlist import to Pulsonix PCB
EdWin Schematic and PCB designs Designs and Libraries
Gerber Gerber 274D & 274X formats Intelligent rebuild of designs into Pulsonix format
Integra Schematic and PCB designs Designs, Libraries and Projects
OrCAD OrCAD for Windows SCM and PCB
version 9, 10, 11 and 16
SCM and PCB Designs and Libraries
P-CAD Master Designer SCM and PCB Designs and Libraries
P-CAD 2000-2006 formats SCM and PCB Designs and Libraries
PADS Schematic and PCB designs Designs and Libraries
Protel Protel 98, 99SE Designs, Libraries and Projects
Ultiboard Various versions supported Designs and Libraries
Viewlogic SCM Schematic designs Designs and Libraries
Zuken Cadstar All Cadstar For Windows versions Designs and Libraries
Zuken Visula PCB PCB import using CADIF PCB Designs, Footprints and Parts
Zuken Visula SCM
(System Designer)
Schematic import SCM Designs, Schematic Symbols and Parts
using System Designer EDIF
Zuken CR5000 PCB import PCB Designs, Footprints and Parts using CADIF