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Business activities 

MR-CAD designs jobs for customers in industry, medicine, automotive, aviation and astronautics. Layouts for prototypes as well as for high volume are on Mr Rullmann's daily agenda.With his special know-how of EMC and High-Speed designs, Mr Rullmann demands a great deal of his PCBdesign software.With the high demands from his customers and the quickly increasing requests of micro-technology, designs with micro vias or differential pairs have nearly become standard for MR-CAD. Flexibility and diversity are basic requirements for the work of Mr Rullmann. 

Pulsonix design
8 layer Multilayer High-Speed design including microvias. Company Peiker Acustic Bluetouch Musik.

Different CAD-Software 

With his many customers, Mr Rullmann has to work with a lot of programs such as, TopCAD, CR5000, Boardstation, Allegro and PADS. As a person providing a service, Mr Rullmann knows very well the strengths and weaknesses of every single program. He always has an eye on the latest releases and the newest programs on the market to find better alternatives. 

New Software 

A customer introduced Mr Rullmann to Pulsonix and he was offered a job if he would learn this product, Mr Rullmann took the offer. 

Mr Rullman is supported by Tecnotron Elektronik GmbH based in Weissenburg in Germany. 


Mr Rullmann liked the modern look and the easy-to-understand Windows based interface. With a very short period of vocational training he was familiar with Pulsonix. The ability to open more than one project in the same window and the Copy and Paste functions overwhelmed Mr Rullmann completely. 

The ability to import data from nearly all well known EDA-systems is very important for him. In most cases a simple drag and drop is enough to convert foreign EDA-data into Pulsonix Schematics, PCBs and Libraries.That not only saves time, it also gives the chance to keep all old data if switching to a new software package.There is no need to completely rebuild old projects or libraries. 

The use of Technology files, custom pad creation and management of layers, which are easy-to-use and plain to understand, are helpful and powerful tools. One of the absolute highlights for Mr Rullmann is the work with the libraries and their straightforward approach. Because of his many customers and the different structure of their libraries, Mr Rullmann has a lot of work in that field and finds Pulsonix highlyflexible. 

Experiences since installation 

MR-CAD’s first Pulsonix design was an 8 layer multilayer high-speed design with micro-vias. As a consequence he had to work with high-speed components, differential pairs and embedded Parts like starpoints on inner layers.

Mr Rullmann commented: "Pulsonix' price to value ratio is unbelievable. The amount of features and options compared to other products and low cost is unbeatable. In addition to that the support from WestDev and Tecnotron is excellent. 

They are always interested in the customers needs and they solve every problem very quickly". 

Screwdriver board MR-CAD
Control board for an electrical screwdriver. Company DSM Messtechnik.

Pulsonix' price to value ratio is unbelievable. The amount of features and options compared to other products and low cost is unbeatable.

Mr Rullman
Owner, MR-CAD

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