PCB Layout Features

Enhance your PCB Design Capability

Speed up your PCB Design process using the automated features within Pulsonix

Dynamic Copper Pour

Automatically heal damaged copper areas during interactive editing, obeying Net, Copper Pour and Thermal rules.

Selection Mask

User-defined design selections can be easily refined using the powerful Selection Mask browser.

Interactive 3D Design

Interactively move components and enclosures in the 3D environment with real time clash detection of violations.
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Advanced Technology

When your Technology requirements are such; benefit from advanced technology features such as Flexi-Rigid Design, Embedded Components and Chip-On-Board to provide you with the functionality you require.

Placement Sites

Placement Sites are an intelligent methodology for placing components in critical positions. Placement Sites can be imported from DXF and allow components to snap to a precise point based on a user definable snapping tolerance.

Design Variants

Using the Variant Manager, easily create any number of design variants for Fitted/None Fitted, Different part and/or, Footprint, Attribute/Values and even a different number of footprint pins per component.

Powerful Report Maker

Use our standard or create your own extensive BOM, Pick and Place, PCB Acceptance reports and Netlists in a number of different formats with ease from Pulsonix.

Construction Lines

Unique to Pulsonix, construction lines provide user-definable lines within your design from which to guide your design items. Using construction lines you can create complex board outlines or align irregular shapes and design items.

Style Naming Rules

Technology dialog - Style Naming Rules
Define rules for automatically creating naming conventions to new and existing styles, this includes a pre-defined IPC example for Pad naming definitions.

Micro-Via Technology

Constraint Driven Rules

Layer Span

Constraints rules are created for Micro-vias using the Pulsonix Attribute mechanism. This enables designers to easily specify Micro-via sizes and styles to be used from layers which require this specialised technology.

Micro-Via Entry Pads

Layer Span

Pad styles for Micro-via use can be created using the normal pad styles dialog. However, from within this, special pad styles can be specified for Micro-via Entry Pads and Micro-via Stop Pads on different layers where the landing layer for the laser drill is to be a solid pad. The technique enables stacked Micro-vias to be created where multi-drilling for stacked layers is used.

Manufacturing Outputs

Manufacturing Outputs

Outputs for via location by layer are available in NC Drill and report format thus ensuring your manufacturing export integrity is maintained right through to the final board production. Drill sets for laser drilling can be output based on layer class and drill type rules.

Data Migration

The largest array of Import Filters of any SCM/PCB design product. Import both Designs and Libraries from your current system into Pulsonix and retain your Intellectual Property.

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