Schematic Capture Features

Clear and Concise Schematic Designs

Quickly and easily create Schematic designs using the feature rich toolset within the Pulsonix Schematic Editor

Design Variants

Define any number of Part and Assembly variants in your Schematic design and automatically transfer these through to the PCB.

Hierarchical Design

Pulsonix provides 'Top Down' and 'Bottom Up' design. 'Top Down' design breaks blocks into functional elements allowing you to define the detail of each element. 'Bottom Up' design facilitates the re-use of commonly used circuit elements using pre-defined blocks to build a solution.

Instant Cross Probing

Cross probe bi-directionally between your Schematic and PCB Designs. Click an element in either the Schematic/PCB and see the corresponding element highlighted in the associated PCB/Schematic.

Forwards & Backwards Design Annotation

Send design changes and ECO's to the PCB, alternatively make changes in the PCB and back annotate them to the Schematic.

Intelligent PDF Export

Export your designs to an intelligent PDF file. Drawings and designs can be interrogated using the PDF file to identify design and element properties and values.

Electrical Rules Checking

Electrical Rules Checking (ERC) both Online as you design and an interactive batch mode, are readily available to ensure your connective design rules are adhered to during circuit creation.

Data Migration

Pulsonix delivers the largest collection of Import Filters available in the industry. Import Schematic and PCB Designs as well as the Libraries from your current system; retain your Intellectual Property with accuracy and precision.

And where your product import is not available, please contact us to discuss rebuilding your designs from Gerber data and following on with re-creating the Schematic to match!

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