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Copernica, the company

For over 30 years, Copernica has been providing products and services to the Automotive, F1 Motorsport, Instrumentation, Medical,Telecoms and Defence industries.


Hybrid circuit technology

Copernica produces complex, high reliability ceramic based Thick Film hybrid products for many commercial and military applications. Thick film design, development and production is core to Copernica's business strategy.

Thick Film technology provides many benefits including; high thermal dissipation, enhanced reliability and consistent performance.

Unique, customer developed hybrid solutions for wire bonding, integrating active and discrete components are provided utilising Copernica's Thick Film experience in inks, screen printing and coating materials.

The challenge

Copernica visioned moving from a 2D drafting system to an intelligent 'electronics' based system to simplify the task of creating hybrid designs. The move was to make designing hybrids more intuitive and more meaningful, especially where electrical characteristics between a Schematic and PCB were required .The existing system couldn't offer this level of design coexistence and intelligent system integrity.

The solution

Engineering teams within Copernica carefully evaluated Pulsonix over a number of months. The process involved attempting a design using an existing hybrid and working through the learning curve. Traditional PCB design techniques only go so far with thickfilm hybrids and then build-up and layering techniques take over.

Ceramic hybrid circuit
Single and double-sided ceramic-based hybrid circuits on Alumina are produced by Copernica Ltd.

"Pulsonix was surprisingly adaptive and flexible; for our hybrid technologies, we were able to create suitable layers and library items that mimicked resistor inks and capacitive dielectric structures," comments Mark Wilkinson, Managing Director at Copernica. "The capability of Pulsonix and the supportive team at
Westdev have helped us make this important transition and to move forward."

The capability of Pulsonix and the supportive team at Westdev have helped us make this important transition and to move forward.

Mark Wilkinson
Managing Director, Copernica Ltd

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