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    Trouble shooting your HASP key installation

    If you find that our application still reports that the HASP driver is not installed or cannot be accessed, you may need to fully remove the current driver files and install them from fresh. You can do this as follows:

    1. Open a Windows file explorer and browse to your Pulsonix program folder, or the folder where you have placed a freshly downloaded copy of the command-line HASPDINST.EXE installer.
    2. In the address bar of Explorer, replace the current contents with the single word "cmd" without the quotes and press Enter. This should open a command prompt window, set to the required folder.
    3. Remove the USB key from your computer.
    4. Now type the following three commands in turn and press Enter after each one:
            haspdinst -r -fr
            haspdinst -purge
            haspdinst -i -ld
    5. Reboot your computer and re-insert the USB key, you should now find that it works as expected.

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