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    Recovering components and symbols from designs

    If you find your libraries don't contain components or symbols that are used in some of your designs, those items can be 'recovered' from the design files to rebuild your libraries.

    Start by opening the Library Manager dialog and going to the Parts tab. Now find your design in Windows Explorer, and drag the file and drop it on the Library Manager dialog. This will open a dialog called 'Save Items from Dropped Designs', which does pretty much what the name says.

    The dialog contains three lists, where it will show you all the Parts, Symbols (or Footprints if you've dropped on a PCB design) and Doc Symbols from the design. You can choose which of these items are to be saved to library files, and also specify which files to drop them into.

    Click OK and all the chosen library items will be copied out of the design into the libraries you have selected, making it available for use in new designs.

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