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 "Force" new technology on old schematic&components
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Remco van Hardeveld

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Posted - 29 Nov 2017 :  14:17:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

We are using Pulsonix in our company for a couple of years now and in that time multiple persons have worked with it. This resulted in different kind of settings/traces/holes etc. This is coming to be cumbersome and chaotic. So I started to define a "Company" setting both in the schematic and PCB. After a few days of defining every little piece of text, trace and holes I got something that could be used as a basis from which we can extent.
However when I try to open an old schematic and load all the defaults or open a new empty file and add "old" components. The old settings are still present and used. I get that this is happening because otherwise the whole schematic would be a mess if Pulsonix just mix some settings which each other and you have to verify everything. But is it possible to force Pulsonix to use the specified Technology file and drop every other settings? Of course the best option would be that Pulsonix tries to select the best option for that item but I have also no problem with manually selecting the right/best option for that type of item.

I hope something simple, yet elegant, is possible.

Kind regards,

PS; At the moment we have Pulsonix 9.1 Build 6871 running.


United Kingdom
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Posted - 29 Nov 2017 :  15:35:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
During training we emphasise the importance of management of things such as Technologies so to have the best control of library item and design creation.

Lets take a simple scenario. A new SCM is started and it is using a technology and a profile. The technology imports its settings into the SCM design file and the Profile will import its technology items also, so from the outset styles etc are combined using your Matching Styles setting for that SCM design. Then you add parts, which insert Symbols, which import their technology items, so as you see, a SCM/PCB design technology grows. This is why it is important to manage Technology.

So using the above example to answer your question, if you have a 'standardised' technology, current designs can import styles etc from it, obeying the Matching Styles setting and using the settings on Load Technology. However this will not change any item using technology that has been imported into the design, it only changes it locally. An example of this is a library sysmbol, you can change its Line style in the design, but that will not automatically change the line style on it in the library.

So my advice is to use the new technology for new empty designs, but consider rationalising technology in the items that get added to the designs as well, such as library items, using the 'standardised' technology, otherwise the new design technology will grow with non-preffered styles.

Assuming older designs are producing a suitable and acceptable board, then I would leave older designs as they are.

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 30 Nov 2017 :  09:25:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
To add to Steve's detailed explanation - you may wish to look at Design Settings, General, Match Styles.

When you bring in items you can define the way in which items are matched to Technology styles.

This may help you somewhat in your quest.

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Remco van Hardeveld

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Posted - 15 Dec 2017 :  13:16:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you Steve and Tystephens for your replies.

I have already looked at what you proposed TyStephens, but it isn't working that well for me.

I was hoping that a over ride wass possible all to make it less complicated/time consuming. But from a logical point of view, how the program works, I knew Steve would write what he have written in this topic.

So in the end, thank you for the reply and I am going to try to make something out of it.

Kind regards,

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