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 Board Outlines / Calculations from Centreline
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Posted - 21 Mar 2024 :  10:59:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello everyone,

i am interested if there is any Puslonix-User outside in the world, who is using the board-outlines without the "centreline" option (spacing rules) checked? And if so, why?
In my opinion it makes absolutly no sense to calculate board outlines including the line width. Also since every CAD Programm normally doesn't include the line width for outline drawings.

So please respond to this thread :)

In one of my export script for our pick and place machine, i need to calculate the board dimensions (total width and total height).

In Report Maker therefore are two Methods:
Board Extents and Board Centreline Extents.
But in the scripting engine there is only a GetBoardExtents Method, which calculates the board dimensions including the line width.
This doesn't make any sense for me.

If i want to get the board width and height, i can't see even one single reason, why i would include the line width in the dimension??



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Posted - 21 Mar 2024 :  11:19:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I wonder if some may use the line width to indicate the +/- tolerance of the board outline?
Just me musing.
I use centre line for reporting.
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Posted - 21 Mar 2024 :  12:27:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Usually the reasons behind such awkward features are pretty banal like maybe Pulsonix didn't support any line width except 0 in early product releases. So there was only a "Board Extends" feature, of course. Then maybe support for line widths > 0 was added along with a "Board Center Line Extends" feature, because - probably for pretty banal reasons as well - the behaviour of the "Board Extends" feature shouldn't or couldn't be chanced.

And the reason for the "Board Centerline Extends" feature missing in the scripting engine could be as banal as somebody has just forgotten to add it.

At least I can't imagine a situation where it would make sense to calculate board dimensions depending on the line width, either.

Edited by - feynman on 21 Mar 2024 12:32:27
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Posted - 26 Mar 2024 :  08:07:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the answers.

@Pulsonix support team:
is there any chance to get a "GetBoardCentrelineExtents" Method in the API in one of the future updates?
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Posted - 26 Mar 2024 :  13:16:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

This suggestion has been logged on our system under reference number 55429. Contact support@pulsonix.com for details.

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