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Posted - 17 Jan 2017 :  16:39:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Since i started using pulsonix a year ago i sent gerber files, drill files and an ODB++ file to the PCB manufacturing and assembling companies. They have never asked me for pick and place and/or glue dot files and I have never heard they where not able to handle our data.
....... but now we have a customer that has an assembly company and we delivered the files for a new pcb. Now they ask us for a pick&place file because they cannot handle ODB++ data :-(
Is there a way to generate a Pick & Place file ? I don't see it in the list of possibilities you have with generating report.
And if it's possible, where can i find/add the pick and place point to a part. In PCAD a had different symbols for reference points, glue dot locations and P&P locations, but in Pulsonix i have never seen something that is comparable with it.

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Posted - 18 Jan 2017 :  09:10:32  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Please see report file I developed to generate centroid file. It's tailored to my library so you'd probably need to adapt it. As usual, no guarantees that it's suitable for your needs :)

As I understand footprint "symbol origin" is used as centroid in Pulsonix.

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Posted - 18 Jan 2017 :  09:27:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A bit strange i asked my collegae this morning about it and on his system he has the choice of generating Pick&Place files and many more formats. After inspection why it differs from my system i discovered that my directory with formats is complete empty. Why i don't know, maybe because i installed V9.0 and he didn't .. after all we repaired it and now i can generate P&P files.

Stays one question: how does Pulsonix know what the position of P&P point is ? I PCAD we added them ourselves but in Pulsonix i don't see a comparable method.
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Posted - 18 Jan 2017 :  09:29:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello Cioma.

I see your post now .. after i posted mine. I shall study your post !

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Posted - 19 Jan 2017 :  09:48:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We provide a couple of Pick-n-Place report examples which use the report command "Top Placement Extents Centre" to work out from what is present on the footprint a centre point. There is also a "Bottom Placement Extents Centre" as there may be a requirement to know both sides of one component. A component can have a different placement boundary per side, so our report looks at the ‘fitted side’ and then consults the placement boundary for that side. The report can be modified, so once you understand what the manufacturer requires create your own output.

A technology could include layers for Glue Spot and so footprints and designs could also define them for an output.

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