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 Unable to zoom properly while routing traces
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Posted - 20 Mar 2017 :  21:55:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a custom component with 300+ custom shaped pads... When I try to zoom in or out while routing a trace, the window becomes non-responsive for four or five seconds at a time, and leaves ghost traces on the screen (i.e. multiple track images with multiple net lines)... It makes it impossible to route traces in an efficient manner...

I have tried turning off online DRC, etc., but nothing helps... I did a prior design with a similarly component in Easy PC... Easy PC did not have the same problem... It was, however, not well suited to creating custom pads, which is why I upgraded to Pulsonix...

It only appears to suffer with this issue when a net is being routed. It does not seem to suffer from this problem when components are being moved or placed. It also does not appear to have this problem when you are modifying a trace that is complete... It's only when the trace is incomplete and its trying to maintain the net link off the the open end of the trace...

This is very frustrating --- I will be here a month of Sundays at this rate --- it's virtually un useable... What can I do to make this useable?...


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Posted - 21 Mar 2017 :  00:05:09  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi there,

Can you tell us more about your hardware platform being used for Pulsonix?

(Be specific -- some of us here are also IT guys/Hardware hackers. The more you supply us, the better.)

What type of licensing method are you using?


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Posted - 21 Mar 2017 :  08:43:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Would you please provide us with the design, so that we can investigate for you. Send the design to support@pulsonix.com and state which version of the product you are using. Also include a support file, generated from Edit - Run Command - Support.

Pulsonix Assistance
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Posted - 21 Mar 2017 :  19:18:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

So I found the issue... I am running Pulsonix in Windows 10, in Parallels Virtual Machine on a Macbook Pro.

The virtual machine is very good... I run all sorts of CAD - Easy PC, ProEngineer, Solidworks, etc. and do not have any issues...

Anyway, the solution to my problem was to disable the 'Enhanced Graphics' checkbox in the 'Options - Display' menu in Pulsonix... There seems to be some incompatibility with the virtual machine. With that turned off there is no perceivable delay, no ghosting etc.. --- All is good with the world!
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