What's in Pulsonix 10.5

Constraint Area Definition in Schematic Editor

Constraint Areas in SCM
Add areas to your Schematic designs that behave as active regions used in the constraint manager to define rules without the need to assign rules to individual items. Rules allocation is much faster and far more flexible. Rules can be Net or Component based and subsequently passed through into the PCB design environment.

STEP 3D Preview - Exploded View and Clash Detection

STEP 3D Preview
The 3D STEP Preview presents you with the ability to display an exploded view of your design so that internal layer structures can be inspected. Clash markers show the precise location of rules violations and the rule in error. A measure tool enables distances between objects in the 3D Preview to be viewed.

Component Place Rules
in PCB Editor

Component Place Rules in PCB
Component Placement rules can be defined using Areas or Attributes. With Areas defined in the Schematic design and Components then assigned to them, the place rules can be used. Defining collections of critical Components means localised areas in PCB are utilised by the Pulsonix placement tools and rules.

Multi Connect in Schematic Designs

Multi Connect in SCM
Following multi-selection of pins within the Schematic design, connections can then be drawn as a set of ‘bused’ nets. Drawing nets as a collective save precious design time. These can be connected to another device and also to a bus item; weld markers indicate it can be connected for abolute connectivity integrity.

Drill Drawing Layers

Drill Drawing Layers
Drill drawing layers are available in the PCB along with drill idents, symbols and the drill table. This adds further documentation detail to the design and complements the existing plotting mechanism for drill drawings. Coloured Drill Sizes can be used to define drill idents by colour for further clarity and identification.

Dynamic Track Impedance Calculation

Dynamic Track Impedance Calculation
Track Impedance calculations can be displayed on-the-fly using the Design Calculator tool in ‘dynamic’ mode. All calculations are shown in real time for a selected track with the impedance displayed in the headup display at the end of your cursor as a tooltip.

View a full list of new features in Pulsonix 10.5 datasheet

Data Migration

Pulsonix delivers the largest collection of Import Filters available in the industry. Import Schematic and PCB Designs as well as the Libraries from your current system; retain your Intellectual Property with accuracy and precision.

And where your product import is not available, please contact us to discuss rebuilding your designs from Gerber data and following on with re-creating the Schematic to match!

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